Welcome to Tol Harndor

Tol Harndor ("Southland Island") is the official Australasian Smial (founded 1st May, 1996) of the Tolkien Society, which is incorporated in the United Kingdom.

The primary purpose of Tol Harndor is to discuss, discover and delight in the works and life of the late Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1896-1973), through the media of personal contact, postal mail, electronic mail, the internet and any other suitable medium. The spirit of communication will be one of friendly, liberal, easy going and obligation free conversation.

Secondary objectives include:

  1. To promote the reading and enjoyment within Australia of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien through accessible means mutually agreed upon by the majority of members and, where necessary, the Tolkien Society. Media for promotion include literature at points of book sales, announcements, interviews etc on radio and television, and the internet.
  2. To enlighten and encourage others to join Tol Harndor.
  3. To assemble a journal (Tilkal) annually consisting of articles by members of Tol Harndor for members of Tol Harndor.
Membership of Tol Harndor is open to all interested people, whether or not a member of The Tolkien Society. To join either contact Michael (below) or visit the online discussion forum (click here).

Membership is free of obligations and free of charges although certain articles produced as an adjunct to membership (eg. badges, certificates, memorabilia) will be charged for at cost.

Sadly due to fading interest, the last surviving 'active' member, the lonely webmaster, has closed the final page on Tol Harndor, just one year shy of its 20th birthday (even if the smial has been asleep for the past two years). This site will remain as a memorial to those years and anyone passing by who may be interested in the smial (perhaps one day someone else may like to revive it?), as well as anyone who may wish to browse the smial's journal, Tilkal.

For those with time on their hands and even more interest, the original mail-list archives are still available at google-groups.

If you really need to contact someone about the contents of this website or about Tol Handor, you can contact 'the last man standing' ... David Powell.