Some Tolkien Related Web Links

That these links have been checked prior to being listed, however keep in mind that links can vanish or change without notice. If you find a dead link, please notify the webmaster.
The following list of links is not meant to be comprehensive (that's impossible!), rather just a random scattering of links to websites that have impressed a member of Tol Harndor enough to request inclusion here. For a comprehensive listing of Tolkien related websites or Tolkien websites on a specific topic, I suggest you use your favourite search engine. Non-members are welcome to submit sites as well. This page also contains links to the home-pages of Tol Harndor members.
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Mythopoeic Society
US-based literary society primarily focused on "The Inklings" (which includes JRRT). Conferences, journals & much more
Lord of the Rings
News, chat-room, online game amd lots of stuff about Tolkien and his works
Ted Nasmith's Art
One of the original and still one of the best
Tolkien-inspired artists.
His calendars are must-haves!

Tol Eressea
Tolkien Society Smial,
Tapai, Taiwan - A fairly comprehensive
Tolkien Bibliography, along with lots of articles
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

Tolkien Society Forodrim
Forodrim, The  Stockholm Tolkien Society, Founded 1972
J. S. Ryan
John Ryan - Australia's own Tolkien scholar, also an international expert on Old English, Norse etc

Tol Harndor members' Webpages

Ted Scribner
Ted Scribner - The Australian SF Bullsheet, Blackheath photo galleries & more (to come)

David Powell
David Powell - genealogy, travel, local history, line dancing, Tilkal & much more (of course)
Jeff Lynch's Artwork
Peter Wilkin - guitarist &
harpist. CD & sample on David
Yardley's website

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