Photograph Gallery

In search of the 2005 MelMoot!

At the 2005
annual get-together (Melbourne):
L to R: Martin Kingsley, Christine Woodhams, Paul Frost, Michael Kennedy,
Jeff Lynch, Hary Kingsley, Ted & Ros Scribner

2005 Visit by Tol Eressa, Taiwan Smial (Powerhouse Museum):
Back: Alison, Me, Ted, John & Peter. Front: Firien, Karine & Jasmine

At the 2004
annual get-together (Blackheath):
L to R: Peter Wilkin, David Powell, Michael Kennedy, Ted Scribner

At the 2003 "Eleventy First" get-together (Cronulla):
L to R: Michael Kennedy, Ted Scribner, David Powell, Peter Wilkin

At the 2003 annual get-together (Sydney):
L to R: Bill, Fiona, Ted Scribner, David Powell, Michael Kennedy, Peter Wilkin

At the 2002 annual get-together (Figtree):
L to R: Michael Kennedy, Peter Wilkin, David Powell, Ted Scribner

At the 2001 annual get-together (Cronulla):
L to R: Jeff Lynch, Ted Scribner, Michael Kennedy, David Powell

This is a photograph of the grave of Edith and John Ronald Tolkien, in Wolvercote Cemetery near Oxford, taken in August 1996.

The inscription reads:


As you can see, the grave is kept in immaculate condition and full of living plants. Many of the other graves in the cemetery are a rather sad contrast.

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