The Hobbit

© 2001 Jeff Lynch
Just imagine a Dragon
Hundreds of miles from Bagend
Add in a Hobbit,
Whose job is to rob it,
A wizard some Trolls,
Some Fa-la-de-dols
You'll agree that The
Hobbit has got it!

There's Thorin, Balin and Dwalin,
Pipeweed ther'e often inhali'n
Enter one Smaug,
And wolves called Wargs;
A tale with a Sting,
And a ring-ding-a-ling.
So buy, steal or
Fob it, the tale of The Hobbit.

Note: "fob" - to cheat, take in, palm off (16th C). "fop" to dupe and German "foppen", "to fool".


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