How to Speak to a Cat

© 2005, Jeff Lynch

Strictly speaking you cannot speak to a cat. However a cat and a human may certainly say many things to each other in different languages.
As Angus now knows for sure, when you approach a cat, you must immediately half close  your eyes as you face him ,and smile with that kind of smile, that does not show too many of your teeth.

Then the talking can begin.

A cat knows far more than you do. So be sure to be very careful of your manners. It is impolite to cough or sneeze when you talk to a cat. The cat may of course remember many things that you have done in the past, for a cat has a long memory, but also a cat is always ready to make friends of those humans who are ready to speak to them in their own languages. Even if the human was careless in the way they use to treat a cat ,a cat is always prepared to start again and make friends.

A cat will always stay away from people, until they are invited to join them, Many people never know how to invite a cat into their bedroom or their house, or into their play, and fun and games. And cats are very good at games too. If you watch a cat walking very carefully ,you will notice how good at games they must be. They walk so well. They jump so well. They run so well. Anyway ,you have seen them do this, many times, and so, you really know all this is true.

A cat will  some times ask you to speak to them, in a voice that you will recognise. Cats are very wild things. It can be very interesting to hear of the story's they have, about their battles with rats and mice and birds too!


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