Be cheeryble My Hobblytas

© 2001 Jeff Lynch

'Be cheeryble my hobblytas tho' they closed our inns'
The forbidden fire raised in the fields shone bright!
'Dear folks it is true that Frodo is back
Our Samwise and all with a metal shirt.
Merriadoc Brandybuck builds barriers at bridges.
The Ivy Bush be our banner!'

'They have closed The Dragon, ruint our taters.
They have lowered their betters and raised our lowers.
Our beer is banished, the've made themsevles masters.
Pipeweed is scarce, there's lockholes in Delving.
The hills are blackened and all too that matters.
The Ivy Bush be our banner!'

'The pompous Pimple who was promoted to Shirrif,
Closed The Bush and borrowed our beer.'
The pubmen listened with thirsty ears.
'Let's stand like Lobelia! The young men to Merry!
While us oldens will unbatten The Bush.
The Ivy Bush be our banner!'

So the Gaffer gathered his ancient brigade,
They tore the boards down from The Bush's doors.
The Bush's lights were well lit by the landlord.
They re-borrowed beer barrels from Sharkey's stores.
The Shire now secured, they regaled at the taproom.
The Ivy bush be our banner!

Note 1. On use of The Gaffer of Hobblytas. As one of the oldest hobbits the Gaffer knew of the olden days term and used it on rare occasions!
Note 2. "The forbidden fire raised..." In the Chapter "
The Scouring" we are told that open fires were verboten in the  shire. However there is a scene where hobbits are met around an open fire, this was then an act of rebellion as such. The Gaffer is not mentioned at this scene!


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