Sexy German Sheila

(with a nod to Susan Sontag)

© 2005 Jeff Lynch

Damn you Leni, you sexy beast and the Austrian’s birthday too.
Filming lies, in Bavarian black and white, positively in negative.
Damn you, you beautiful woman for your talent too, damn you.
Adolf’s Forty ninth birthday saw Olympia’s first showing.
He was to live for six years and some days, some days those.
Six years plus, of madness barely hid in hubris in black uniforms. 
So certain, in your Art, so right in black and and white.
Your Seduction is beauty, said Sontag and justification honesty.
It was no honest act, that cut Jesse Owens from the Berlin film.
Black and white with just a hint of truth in Berlin, Leni.
Damn you Leni for living so long.for aiming for ecstacy and
Knowing all the time that the fantasy is death, on screen or life.
Damn you Leni; did you know those Gypsie’s fate? I bet you did.
Damn your sexy lies Leni Reifensthal with your mountain high
Photography and your Nubian Black and white, your get out!
Ugly woman Leni, how I wish I  had written this while you lived.
All that is left is History and beauty, which will win, which will win?

Note by the author: Leni Reifensthal made films for the German Nationalist Party government during Adolf Hitler’s reign. Much of the content of these reinforce the concept of Aryan supremacy and support of the Nazi regimes racism and notions of conquest by war. See her "masterpiece" Triumph Of The Will. She lived to over 100, dying in 2005.


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