Three Poems from Kangaroo Island

© 2005, Jeff Lynch

      Song Born Dawn

Song born dawn swims in,
Over an island.
Clambers under the clouds,
To clinch the deal.
Dark to light,
A fair exchange.
Birds of the bush approve,
And rain scent is so heavy,
That it swims in the mind,
Like grey's growing.
Dark to light,
A fair exchange.

      The Moan of Those Left

Dawn creeps into Orion's bed.
The implacable hunter does not stir.
The dark reveals it's silhouettes
Slowly, as grey grows apace.
Night surrenders here at last.
Cloak tossed aside she lays
Her shield down, before our eyes.
The moan of those left, now begins.

      Stunned We Stare

As Elliptical paths  are salient,
There is a frisson in the veins.
Even the moon agrees
Old Gaia breathes again.
Radiation from the foci star
Touches at the necessary angle,
Warming earth once again.
From root to bud aquiver
With tremour of procreation
The perpendicular pump eases
The spring; fires the sappy days.
Stunned once more, we stare
At the accidental universe.

Jeff lynch


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