The Names

© 2001 Jeff Lynch

No man Olórin, who to tell the story
Istari came in secret from Undying Lands.
Hiring a Hobbit; heir to adventure.
Ring Sniffer, Fireforker, Rune Reader
        Hard stayer he.

Some man Incanus he knows his orisons.
Nine walkers walking to doom draker lands.
Thought worn Thankur; agnomen Greyman.
Time stealer, Unwormer, Bridge buckler.
        Fast leaver he.

Pilgrim to fairfolk; Grey fading away.
He's easy with Elves; finds comfort in council.
His cloak shadows him as night does the day.
Ghostchanter, Treetalker, Staff Rager,
        Dark chimera he.

Balrog's bane; flash of Flame of Anor.
Glamdring rings round the gloom cavern walls ,
Doom cracks the staff and the bridge span falls.
White Changer, Spark Stabber, Doom giver,
        Wizard warrior he.

Siege Captain of Gondor set against Sauron,
Bracing Black Captain who headless wears a crown.
Seated on Shadowfax, flint staring him down.
Grim Grinder, Rim Rider, Shadow Handler,
        Hard rider he.

Matchless Mithrandir at Mithlond; Círdan sets the sails.
The wearer of Narya returns to the Timeless Halls.
The ship rides, fog and sea then fades in the Firth.
Third Age Ender, Hall sitter, Time Tender,
        Hall Dreamer he.


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