The Names

... For Edna Nevitt with whom I never had an argument
2011 Jeff Lynch

And the Wimmera sun’s arising

As she handled the seven gentle giants,
She saw the morning mists lifting slow.
And heard the music of the harness clinks,
As horses nudged and twitched and trembled.
And the Wimmera’s suns arising.

Seven draughts, their names were
                            Big Nugget
                              And Bonny!

She was as yet, not married.
And not hurried in her ways.
She learnt the patience of the Wimmera warmth.
The grain will grow in its own time,
If it rains and is in, ticking away under earth.
And the Wimmera sun’s arising.

Soon she will leave the Gums
Her home, soon she will be city spoiled.
But now she speaks to Spot just right.
The dog knows she knows, and he obeys.
And the Wimmera sun’s arising.

Soon she will no longer feel the frosts,
Beneath her freely winter tread.
The wedding and the war, the kids
Will see to that quite soon enough.
And the Wimmera sun’s arising.

She never can forget these grounds,
Broughton, Daweeda and the Gums.
They are memories baled or harvest dreams.
She shares this bounty with young women many times.
And the Wimmera sun’s arising.

December 19th, 2005


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