Oxford Animals

2011 Jeff Lynch

Snapped animals they are,
Digitally taken quietly,
By three thousand or so tourists.
And is that Jeremy Irons there?
Sometimes students do emerge
From their cages at feeding time.
And like Jerome, they may favour lions.

They tear off their ties as they
Streak into the light of day.
Lighting into the streets of Oxford.
And as Lewis said, it won’t do us
Betjman, wearing slippers like that.
I woudn’t anyway. I wouldn’t.
But then, he was just returned from Arras,
A bit battle fucked, and he
Lost his pal, but loved to fuck the mother.
What would he know
About wearing slippers at Oxford.
They spat, and Betjman never sat, exams.
Never loved his cute tutor Lewis.
Oxford animals, locked away,
Hardly see the light of day,
Are they precious anyway?

Jeff Lynch. Woodstock, England July 8th..2006.
Revised October 2006.


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