Wayang Kulit

2011 Jeff Lynch

For Brian Lynch

The Shadow play continues my friend.
And Agung1 with frowning mists will not
Readily change her mind.
The horizon at sea, does then slope away
As we drunkenly supposed it to be.
And the Icky Icky2 man still rides
His bicycle with his horn blowing
Along those rough waved shiny shores.
Maidens drift by the crumpled temples,
And large fires are lit up in the hills.

The Shadow play continues still.
And the Kretek smoke drifts across
The dapple dark grey heat of this night,
And the playgoers are restless and eager
As ever to see their favourite Ramayana folk.

Heroes, villains, cowards even ordinary
People too, or lovers and conquered kings,
And brave brave men who dare do
Something different, something other men
Do not see, will not see and cannot feel.

O sing to me Ramayana, please sing again
Your song to me, sing again so softly.
Sing, sing Ramayana your tale that
Tells of giant birds and towering hills,
And wounded warrior princes about to fall.
Yes sing your song once again to me.

Jeff Lynch  January 20, 2006

1. Mount Agung, Bali.
2. The Icky Icky man sold toys from his bicycle at Legian, and daily passed Brian’s restaurant.


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