The Peach Tree

2011 Jeff Lynch

Jorge found a potted plant that day.
He was toiling in the backyard as he does.
He turned to her and was pleased to say,
I think that this is a peach tree.

The consensus was that he spoke truly,
As he does, and it was put aside.
Another sunny day and she spoke to me.
I planted that peach tree over there.

It is in the ground and in the place,
Where you imagined it should be.
I knew she was pleased, by her face
That glowed in the warming sun.

It was October and summer had already
Knocked on our wide open door.
It would enter even if we were not ready
Seasons come but to tease us humans.

Turning in my head, to times awesome way,
I see the peach tree with its full blossom.
I know and I believe it will survive to that day.
Fruit for the taking, who will be there to pluck it?

Jeff Lynch October 2006


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