The new Moon Rises in the Night

2011 Eryniel Elmris
(In Sindarin & English)

Ai, gron ne daw ortha
Adel anor ‘lawar doltha
Nan l an gron galatha
L then calad dn thiliatha.

Tirad an phain ithil aglar
Celeb dn thinna an aear
Sui c niben si Ithil
Am i nf tinu pennol.

Silivren erin rd edain
Nan l ui-athol gron sain.
The new moon rises in the night
It hides behind the suns light
Then growing to the crescent moon
Its light will be radiant soon.

The full moons glory for all to see
Its silver fades toward the sea
A little arch the moon is now
Casting a spark upon the brow.

Glittering on the paths of men
Until the new moon comes back forever again.


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